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68% of online experiences begin with a search engine, so no matter how
fancy your site looks –
without SEO, no one will find it.

I offer a selection of services designed to get your site ranking in all the relevant searches.
It’s all organic. Which means no paid ads that stop working the minute you stop paying.
Organic strategies like these just keep growing over time, continuing to drive free
traffic to your business (even while you sleep!).

These services include:

SEO Blogging

£0.10p per word,
or plans from
£300 per month

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Guest posts £0.25p
per word,
plans from £250 per month.

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Local SEO

Check out my free
local SEO checklist
or inquire now
to find out pricing.

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Technical SEO

See how your site scores on my free technical SEO checklist
or inquire for pricing.

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Eleanor is a copywriter & SEO specialist
based in Bristol. She works with B2B and B2C
businesses across the UK to craft optimised
and engaging copy that converts.

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