Take a look at some of my past projects organised by industry: Digital marketing,
tech, SaaS, retail, eCommerce, and services. Including everything from blog
content, to web copy, to eBooks.

Digital Marketing Content

The Hoth

Producing blog and learning hub content with the aim to make The Hoth
an authority in their field, and a top-of-the-page contender in relevant search results.

Advanced Keyword Research: Strategies To Supercharge Your SEO
YouTube SEO: How To Rank Videos On YouTube
Lead Nurturing 101: How To Nurture Leads


The ABC of NFTs and the Metaverse

An excerpt from an eBook written by me
explaining NFTs & the metaverse for beginners.

What is the Soul app and how is it setting trends
for the future of social media?

From AI-powered socializing to an in-app economy,
we explore how the Soul app is setting trends
for the next decade of social media.


Succinct user guides explaining how to use
AirDroid software for various purposes.
Including step-by-step screenshots.

Retail & eCommerce

Seasonal tips, tricks & recipes
using Malpass meat products.

Descriptive copy for the website’s product
pages, striving to boost search engine
presence & ranking.

Writing descriptive, informative, and SEO-friendly
product descriptions for cosmetics and skincare.

Boosting the presence of the retailer’s product
pages for relevant search engine key terms.

A selection of user-friendly blogs designed
to answer the burning questions of
potential customers.

Easy-to-read guides for each of
the car models on sale at Carooga.


Boosting organic traffic with a content
strategy built around topical customer

Website copy inline with the Welsh dental
surgery’s rebrand – taking on a friendly,
modern, informative, and approachable

SEO-focused website copy for a world
leader in composite construction.

Web copy to sell golf holiday experiences
to an international audience.

Web copy designed to make often inaccessible
topics surrounding wealth and financial
planning easier to understand.

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